Back to Burpees - Day 1 & 2

Well, I have numerous excuses why I have not exercised since the holidays, but instead of going through that, I'm just going to jump back in and start fresh:).

And of course, I chose to start back with a burpees WOD.. of all things:).

Warm Up:
5 min. jog on treadmill
10 girl pushups
7 jumping pullups
10 ball situps

WOD (Scaled WAY down):
4 rounds for time of -
10lb. bar overhead walking lunges - 35' (I calculated it out to about 13 lunges, but I could have been way off.. measuring is not a strong suit of mine).
10 burpees

Time- 12:04:92

I was completely gassed. I think I worried my dog a bit because he hovered when I started wheezing:)haha. Felt really good to be back at it. And walking up the steps to work today was a sore experience.

Today's a rest day, which is a good thing because I'll be working late... like usual.