Back at it... post pregnancy:)

Well, today will be my first attempt at exercise since I had my baby/surgery. I plan to take it ridiculously easy just to see how things feel and where my starting point is. Wish me luck! ;)

5 min. walk
5 min. slow jog
10 air squats

WOD 9.17.10 (scaled):
Four rounds for time of -
Row 250m
Rest 1 minute

Time: 4:35
1 - 1:18
2 - 1:08
3 - 1:03
4 - 1:06

Felt AWESOME to finally be doing some kind of crossfit activity again. It was also pretty nice to row without a pregnant belly in the way:)haha. And my sweet angel slept through the whole workout, so I was even able to stretch and do a cool down.