Intensity - where did you go?

I've been slacking lately, both in workout frequency and intensity. I know this. While feeling poorly can be excuse for some of this, it doesn't account for my lack of intensity for at least a month's time now.

I found a great article from Jon Gilson at Again Faster that really hit home. Hitting it hard tomorrow, no more pacing myself:).

The problem comes when this approach gets comfortable. Carefully metered 15-second breaks become a habit. Consciously or unconsciously, intensity is kept below the “I just might die today” threshold, and the string of personal records comes to a crashing halt.

This is an incredibly clear signal to crank it up. Forego the rest, and hit the WOD as hard as you can. The intensity that used to leave you in a near-coma will now merely spin you into mild hallucinations, and you’ll reclaim that old feeling of nausea with pride. You’ll also kick the ever-living shit out of your erstwhile athletic plateau.