SealFit 9.19.09

SealFit 9.19.09 (scaled)

Warm Up / Endurance: swim 1 mile or run 3 miles
**Run 1 mile
Time: 10:14 (it was a run/walk)

Work Capacity:
Sprint 100, then 100 KB Swings (55#)
**Not sure what unit of measure this is, so I'll do 150ft. (or 2 laps shuttle runs), then 25 DB swings (20#)

Sprint 200, then 50 burpees
**300ft. (4 shuttle runs), 15 burpees

Sprint 400, then 50 1-arm DB snatches (35# each side)
**600ft. (8 shuttle runs), then 20 1-arm KB snatches (15#)

Sprint 800, then 100 pushups
**1200ft. (16 shuttle runs), then 25 pushups

1 minute rest between sets

Time: 12:18 - no resting between sets

Durability: Hydrate and Refuel

Phew, this was a doosie! I was practically crawling through the last two sets of sprints. It would have been more appropriate to call them "jogs". :) Feeling really good about this, though. Finished strong with some amazing push-ups. 15/10, which is more than I usually can do in my warm-ups.


Anonymous said...
September 27, 2009 at 1:11 AM


Time: 12:18 - no resting between sets

How did you do it man haha!