SealFit 9.16.09

SealFit 9.16.09 - Frontal Assault

Warm Up: 20 - 15 - 10 Double Under, HSPU
**Scaled HSPU - toes on bench

Strength: Find 3RM Front Squat - 55#

Stamina: 5 rounds: 2 x FS @ 3RM, 10 ankles-to-bar, Jingle Jangle (6 lengths 25 yd shuttle run)
**I'll scale to 3 rounds & knees to chest (can't do ankles to bar)

Time: 6:23

Work Capacity: 10 rounds for time: 20 KB Swings (55#), 10 pull-ups, run 400M
**scaling to 5 rounds, 1-band pull-ups and 20# KB swings

Time: 10:10 @ 2 rounds, second round of pull-ups were only 5 reps. I was EXHAUSTED! :)

Durability: 3 rounds: 50 situps, 50 flutter kicks, 10 back extension

Time: 10:59

Oh... my... god, I don't know how anyone can do this as rx'd! Even scaled, I had to scale! DU's were a pill, most were only in two's or one's, just couldn't get my rhythm right.

My dogs had a BLAST running the jingle jangles with me:). Although them running around me did slow me down a bit. I should have done 65# on the front squats but I wasn't sure how taxing this workout would be.

I am very tired and should sleep quite well tonight!


Jay Ashman said...
September 21, 2009 at 12:33 AM

damn, you really did a lot today... nice work