Improving Self Control

Improving Self Control

Do mind games really work? Can high level reasoning help when will-power is tempted? According to this article, people are better able to overcome temptations to reach a goal or change a habit when the end is kept in sight.

Three techniques to use when tempted are:

1) keeping the overall goal in mind, be it to have a healthier life as you age, lose x number of inches off your thighs:), etc. Ex. Will eating this bag of chips help me to reach that goal or hinder me?

2) blurring the focus. Instead of concentrating on how many miles you plan to run today or how many calories to eat, instead focus on the feeling that exercise gives you when you're done or how you won't be feeling miserable after a heavy meal.

3) realizing that it's the long term performance that really matters. If you do slip, get right back on track.

I'm going to try to use these techniques the next time I have an "urge" to eat crap. I'm also going to nix the alcohol because this is a trigger for me that leads to bad eating and over-eating.