SealFit 10.6.09

"You can overcome anything if you don't bellyache." - Bernard M. Baruch 10.6.09 (scaled): Get Some

Warm Up: Row 2,000M
(**Subbing 30 SDHP (45#))

Done (20/10)
+ 2 almost deadhang pull-ups

Work Capacity: 5 rounds: 1 min max effort, followed by 30 sec rest of:
KB Swing 55# (**20# DB)
Push Press (65#) (**45#)
Mountain Climber

Changed this around a bit and did:
50, 20# DB swings
100, anchored sit-ups
25, 45# Push Press
50, Mountain climbers
Time: 8:41

Durability/Endurance: Either rest 10 minutes, or do this later in day:
Run 4 miles w/ 25# Ruck/Backpack. Hydrate and Refuel prior to and after run. 10 minutes Active Stretch
(**Subbing 1 mile run/walk)

Did not attempt

Really did not feel like working out tonight. I don't know what it is about fall/winter, but I do not feel like working out. Just feel like hibernating:).