SealFit 9.25.09 9.25.09: Pushing Curtis

Warm Up: SB Get ups & Squat Cleans
**Subbing 15# KB get-ups, 45# squat cleans

Reps: 10 of each

Strength: 1RM Push Press, then 1RM Push Jerk

Load: 75# each

I thought I had 65# on the bar, and was feeling really weak until I realized it was 75#:).

Stamina: 5 rounds at steady pace as a team (if applicable): 2 x PP, 1 x PJ @ 80% 1 RM PP weight, 10 x HSPU, 5 x L-pullup
**Subbing toes on bench HSPU and 1-band assisted "H" pull-ups

Time: 7:38

HSPU starting round 3 were with knees on the bench.

Work Capacity: AMRAP in 30 minutes: 3 x Curtis P (95-115#), 5 x burpee
**Curtis P = Power clean, 2 weighted lunges, push press x 2
**Subbing AMRAP in 10 minutes, 45#s, lunges were w/15# overhead

Rounds: 3 or 4

This workout was mentally & physically challenging... way too much counting, so I'm not sure if I did 3 or 4 rounds. I'm thinking it was four, but I'm not positive.

Durability: 10 x 100 yd sprints, 20 seconds between sets, 200 situps, 50 GHD back extensions (or 100 from floor)
**Subbing 75yrd sprints (b/c I know this measurement in my yard)

Time: 6:25, no rest between sprints

Scaled this back to 100 situps and 50 supermans. I didn't think I would ever finish. The sprints felt great, but the situps and supermans were a struggle. I figured it would be the other way around.