SealFit 9.23.09

Today is my 4th wedding anniversary! Plan to make a totally non-paleo dinner tonight for me and hubs. Hope to get this cranked out well in advance of the cooking extravaganza:)!


Well, ended up not having enough time to get to this! Left work early, but had to work from home. I don't know why I think I can squeeze all this stuff in:). This will have to be done tomorrow... hopefully I won't have to work late!! :(


SealFit 9.23.09: Danny (scaled):

Warm Up: 3 Rounds AQAP: 15 O/H squats w/ sand bag, 400 M run
**Subbing 15# bar

Strength: Find 3RM Dead Lift

Stamina: 5 rounds at steady pace as a team (if applicable): 3 x DL @3RM, 20 x weighted walking lunges w/ Sand Bag held overhead, Hip Mobility drill
**Weighted walking lunges will be subbed with 15# KB overhead

Work Capacity:

Daniel: 50 pull-ups, run 400M, 21 Thrusters (95#), run 800M, 21 Thrusters (95#), run 400M, 50 pullups
**Scaled to 10 (1 band) pull-ups & thrusters @ 45#

Durability: 1 mile warm down run, Stretch
**Subbing run as long as possible, shooting for a mile, though:)

10/5/09 - Finally got around to doing this workout, but I didn't make it through the whole thing.

W/U: 9:28
Strength: 75#, 95# as 2RM
Stamina: 3 rounds only, 4:52
Work Capacity: did not attempt
Durability: did not attempt

The warm-up about did me in:). My weekend carb-fest definitely hindered me today. I felt like I weighed 500lbs. during the first 400m run in the warm-up.