SealFit 9.30.09

"Motivation is like food for the brain. You cannot get enough in one sitting.  It needs continual
and regular top ups." - Peter Davies 9.30.09 (scaled): Pistola

Warm Up: BB Complex 75...105# w/ burpee chaser
(**Scaling to 55#. BB Complex = 6 reps of each: Deadlift, upright row, squat clean, push press, back squat)

Strength: Work to 1RM full Snatch. Scale weight if your form is not solid
(**Scaling to 45# practice on form)

Practiced with 15# bar to work on form. Started feeling pretty good about it after about 15-20 reps.

Stamina: 5 rounds at steady pace as a team (if applicable): 2 x Snatch Complex @ 80% 1 RM, 15 x weighted step-ups (use 2 x 35# DB or KB), Sampson Stretch
(**Scaling to 3 rounds, snatch complex @ 45# 15#, weighted step-ups are with 20#DB on one side, 15# KB on the other)

Time: 7:10

I'm having trouble keeping count on these SealFit workouts:). I think I did less than 15 step-ups on the second round and 3 snatch complexes on the third round.

Work Capacity: AMRAP 30 minutes: 5 HSPU, 8 pistols (1 leg squats - 4 ea side), 10 pull-ups
(**Scaling to AMRAP in 15 minutes, and 1-band pull-ups)

Rounds: 6

But I scaled it back to 10 minutes (accidentally went til 11) and after the first round, scaled the pull-ups to 5 reps instead of 10. Pistols were done on the second step.

Durability: 4 rounds: 50 situps, 50 leg levers, Stretch
(**Scaling to 2 rounds, unanchored sit-ups, levers done like bicycling)

Time: 4:20

Scaled back to 2 rounds of 25 unanchored sit-ups and 50 leg levers.

(Snatch Complex: 1 rep = 4 movements as follows: hang power snatch, O/H squat, full power snatch (from floor), full Snatch (Floor to squat position).)

Pull-ups are such a weakness for me. It is always the thing that slows me down the most. Not sure what to do about this except to be patient and maybe go back to doing 5-10 every day in my warm-up.