Workout, 4/27/09

As stated yesterday, I'll be doing the workout from 4/27/09 today. My arms and legs are SUPER sore today from Fran yesterday (and probably the CFJax workout from Thursday). Feeling tired, but I'm going to hit this hard. I'm not sure if I'll take a rest day tomorrow or keep with my plan of no rest days until Thursday when we leave for the beach.

I guess it just depends on if I can move tomorrow:).

10 push-ups (practice keeping my ass in the air more)
20 ball sit-ups
10 KTC's

39 Burpees

CFJAX.COM 4/27/09
For time:
800m run (~0.5mile)
20# DB Swings x 35
500m row/sub 50 SDHP @ 15#
5 min rest

AMRAP in 6 mins:
Burpees x 8
75# deadlift x 10
3 min rest

For lowest rep interval:
bottom-to-bottom tabata squats

Time (1st): 9:34:23 (6.5mph on treadmill)
Rounds (2nd): 3 rounds @ 6:10 (so actually 2 rounds & 8 deadlifts)
Reps (3rd): 13 (x 8 rounds)

My legs are like jelly. Really tough workout, but the rests were nice:).