Sit-ups & BE's

We got back from the beach yesterday afternoon and I'm beat. Why is it that vacations are so tiring? I guess it was all the drinking and being out in the sun. It was a blast, but I'm feeling a tad bit guilty since I did NO activity whatsoever for 5 days. No burpees, no running, drinking lots of alcohol and eating lots of bad food. I can definitely feel a difference when I'm not eating zone. I just felt lethargic all weekend & I was craving meat something fierce (which was probably due to my low protein intake).

Glad to be back at it... even though I might be dragging my ass this afternoon when I work out.

I figured I'd take it somewhat easy since I've got lots of burpees to make up, so I'm doing a scaled version of the WOD from 5/14.

5 min. jog

44 Burpees
10 band-assisted pull-ups (1 band)
45 Burpees
10 KB swings, 20#s
46 Burpees

GHD's & BE's (scaled to Pack & no GHD):
Four rounds for time of:
20 ball sit-ups
15 Back extensions SUPERMANS instead

Time: 4:26:33

Didn't have it in me to do all of these burpees today. I did reverse order, so I started with 46, then did the pull-ups, then did 45. I'll do 44 tomorrow, and 47. Hopefully this will get me caught up by the end of the week.

I had some pain in my upper back after the burpees & DB swings; I think b/c I was compensating for tired legs:). So, I decided to sub supermans for the back extensions just to be careful.

Might work on front squats tomorrow... haven't done anything heavy in what feels like forever.


Rebecca said...
May 18, 2009 at 6:08 PM

It's a little counterintuitive because you might think you should have all this reserved energy from the week of doing nothing, but I find that my DOMS are never worse than directly after the first workout after returning from vacation. (welcome back, btw ;-) )

Try not to hit it too hard today, or you might just put yourself out of commision for a few more days!

Jay Ashman said...
May 18, 2009 at 7:19 PM

welcome back from the beach. :)

It is HARD as hell to come back after a period off of drinking and slacking... but oh well, you need it and don't worry too much, it'll come back. :)

Kate said...
May 19, 2009 at 7:08 AM

Thanks Rebecca & Jay:). I'm feeling good this morning, so taking it easy was probably the smart way to go.