Workout or Fran

Well, I'm going to either do the workout below or Fran at CrossFitNRV. I'm hoping to do the Fran since it'll be my first visit to an affiliate, but I'm not sure if I can get out of work early for it (they train at 3:30).

If I end up making it to CFNRV, I'll do the workout tomorrow.

38 Burpees

CFJAX.COM 4/27/09
For time:
800m run (~0.5mile)
20# DB Swings x 35
500m row/sub 50 SDHP @ 15#
5 min rest

AMRAP in 6 mins:
Burpees x 8
95# deadlift x 10
3 min rest

For lowest rep interval:
bottom-to-bottom tabata squats

Time (1st):
Rounds (2nd):
Reps (3rd):

Well, I made it to CrossFit NRV today & it was a blast! Did Fran w/45# and had sub 10min. (can't remember exact time). Last time I did Fran back in early Feb., I had a little over 10 minutes, but did 15-9-6 with 45#.

All of the people there were super nice and welcoming and it was REALLY fun to be able to drop the bar. I can't wait to start going on a weekly basis.

Then I came home and did my 38 burpees like a good girl.

p.s. I hate Fran.