Burpees: Plan of Attack

Still stressing on the burpee decision!! I decided to get out my favorite tool (Excel) and figure out exactly how many burpees I have left to complete in order to finish out this challenge. After my 60 burpees today, I'll have a whopping 3,555 burpees left to do.

Total Burpees in 100 Days = 5050
Total Burpees Completed after today = 1538
Total Burpees Remaining = 3555
Total Days Left in 100 Day Challenge (after today) = 36

Instead of using the format of increasing the number each day, I'm going to instead do 100 burpees a day in increments of 20 throughout the day. I think this is a good plan and one that I could possibly stick with. The only problem comes if I skip a day b/c then it would be 200/day to make it up.

So, starting tomorrow, I have 36 days left of my 100 Day Burpee Challenge and with 100/day, I should be able to complete it. I set a goal and I need to not puss out just b/c it's a miserable challenge:).