Super pissy mood today... ugh. I should have worked out this morning to help:). Hopefully it'll still be effective this afternoon.

5 min. jump rope
10 ring rows
20 ball sit-ups

CFHQ WOD - 6.22.09 (scaled to light Pack):
Three rounds for time of:
Run 400m
21 KB Swings (20# DB)
12 HSPU progressions (knees on bench)

--Round 1:
--Round 2:
--Round 3:

Well, instead of doing this workout, I was chained to my heating pad on the couch all night. Miserable. I plan to hit this either tonight after dinner with my mom or tomorrow night. Hopefully tonight.

I wasn't a complete slug last night, though. I did do some push-ups and straight-leg sit-ups, v-sit-ups and hand stand push-ups with my toes in a pike on the couch during commercials.

Watched that show "The Philanthropist" - pretty entertaining. Made me want to do something exciting like... oh, I don't know... go hiking in a jungle. :)