For Real, Pull-ups & WBs

Okay, so once again my slackass-ness is showing. I didn't do this on Friday. Took a pregnancy test, it was negative, so I proceeded to drink instead of work out. Bad idea:). This weekend, which I've decide are rest days anyways, was also very slacky. Didn't work out or do any kind of physical activity whatsoever. However, it was a blast. I got to visit with our family friends who were our neighbors in Italy. Lots of catching up, remembering good times together and EATING:).

I'm anxious to get this workout done this afternoon and looking forward to getting my eating back on track. Felt crappy all weekend.

5 min. jog
10 ring rows
10, 15# KB swings
10 HSPU progressions (knees on bench)
20 ball sit-ups WOD (6.18.09) -
25 Wall-ball shots (subbing 45# Thrusters)
25 Pull-ups (subbing Ring Rows)
20 Wall-ball shots (45# Thrusters)
20 Pull-ups (Ring Rows)
15 Wall-ball shots (45# Thrusters)
15 Pull-ups (Ring Rows)

Time: 11:31:40
--4:23 after 25 reps
--8:25 after 20 reps
--11:31 after 15 reps

Had to stop after 5 reps on the 20 rep round due to my mom & dad stopping by:). Visited for less than 5 minutes and then went back at it.