CF Invictus 8.12.09 (scaled)

I've never done pistols before, so I'll have to do a little "studying" before doing this one this afternoon.

250 single unders
20 Ring Rows
10 Ring Dips
20 ball sit-ups
10, 15# KB Swings

CF Invictus WOD from 8.12.09 (scaled):
Three rounds for time of:
6 Pistols (3 each leg)
12 Knees to Elbows
18 Box Jumps (16″)

Time: 7:01
--Round 1: 2:25
--Round 2: 2:05 (no break on KTE's)
--Round 3: 2:21

I did the first progression for pistols as demonstrated by Adrian Bozman.

My legs felt like LEAD on the box jumps. Must be tired from the air squats yesterday.