- 8.1.09

Well, I'm having some issues with either my left hip or I did something to tweak my lower back. I think it's the tendon/muscle that runs down my hip, though. I'm going to do some research today to see how I can stretch this out. So, b/c of this, I'll be scaling & somewhat changing the workout from CFJax.

I did some research and it sounds like my hip flexor (probably from the heavy emphasis on squat-type movements last week, coupled with the running). I'm going to remove the running and air squats from the workout below and sub jump ropes and push-ups (since I need to work on push-ups anyways). I'll try icing my hip tonight and see if it helps any.

250 single unders
20 ring rows
10 strict push-ups
10 ring dips
10 KTC's (maybe) - 8.1.09 (scaled)
For time:
Burpees, 10
Sit ups, 30
Push-Ups, 25
500 single unders
Push-Ups, 25
Sit ups, 30
Burpees, 10

Time: 10:49

KTC's were a little painful, but everything else felt pretty good. Except for the burpees, which I just hate:).

Oh and did I mention... IT'S SHARK WEEK ON DISCOVERY CHANNEL!! :)