"Cindy" - Day 19

Today's WOD is a choice between either "Cindy" or "Mary". "Mary" is a big dawg workout, though, so I'll do a scaled version of "Cindy" this afternoon.

10 min. jog
20 ball situps
10 hspu progressions
10 KTE's (knees to chest)
10, 15lb. KB swings

"Cindy" - scaled to Puppies:
Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
3 jumping/reverse pullups
4 pushups
7 squats

Total Rounds: 13 rounds, with 30 seconds left, but was exhausted and DH came home, and it broke my concentration/determination.

I did girl pushups after the first round. I am going to stop doing 15 girl pushups in my warmups and start doing 5 regular pushups. Otherwise I'll never get my pushup numbers to increase. KTE's were better and higher today than they have been in the past. I was able to get my hips lifted higher than in previous attempts.