Tuck Jumps, SC, & Dips - Day 21

Well, my back is a little tired from the deadlifts yesterday, not in pain, just kinda sore and tired. I really surprised myself with the 95lb. lift. I didn't think I could lift that heavy. I actually think I could have gone heavier, but I felt my form slipping to get the 95 up and didn't want to push it.

Today's my birthday, so I'm going to fit this WOD in before the DH gets home to take me out to dinner:).

5 min. jog
5 jumping/reverse pullups
5 pushups
20 ball situps
10 hspu progressions
10 KTE's (chest level)
10, 15lb. KB swings

WOD (scaled to "puppies"):
For time-
25 tuck jumps
25 squat cleans, 45lbs.
25 bench dips
25 tuck jumps

Time: 9:13

This will be my first time doing tuck jumps. I am substituting these for double-unders, which I don't have the skill of... yet.

I attempted the squat cleans with 45lbs., however I was only able to complete 15 at 45lbs. and had to use the 10lb. bar to complete the set. I came close to losing it (puking) on the last 10 tuck jumps... had to wait awhile before completing the set. Exhausting!!!... but a really great workout.

Side note: sushi was awesome. :)