SDHP & Dips - Day 24

Today's WOD is sumo-deadlift high pulls with rings dips. I'll be scaling it to a combination of the puppies & pack workout on Brandx. I really wish I could do the ring dips, but I still need work on just stabilization first.

5 min. jump rope (work on double unders)
5 pushups
5 jumping/negative pullups
20 ball situps
10 hspu progressions
10 KTE's (chest level)
10, 15# KB swings
10, 10# SDHP practice

Seven rounds for time of:
45lb. Sumo-deadlift high pulls, 10 reps
10 bench dips

Time: 9:54:36

--Round 1: 0:53 (SDHP unbroken)
--Round 2: 1:22 (5/5)
--Round 3: 1:27 (6/4)
--Round 4: 1:30 (7/3)
--Round 5: 1:36 (6/4)
--Round 6: 1:38 (6/4)
--Round 7: 1:28 (7/3)

The double-under practice did not go well. I don't know what my problem is, but whenever I try for the second turn of the rope, it always hits right as my feet hit the ground. I think I'm not swinging the rope fast enough, but I'm not sure what to do to work on this. I guess just keep trying.

All dips were unbroken. Halfway through I had to start resting between the rounds. Those SDHP were tough :) and my wrists kept making popping noises when I pulled the bar up to my shoulders. When I started tightening up my core and used more of my body to get the bar up, this relieved some (not sure if that was the correct way to do them, though).