"Joshie" - Day 31

Well... I enjoyed my rest day WAY too much and am now feeling like an idiot. I knew this was going to be a tough day, but I kept on drinking anyways:).

Hero WOD today is "Joshie"... even scaled ENORMOUSLY, this is going to be hard for me.

5 min. jump rope (continue to work on DU's - I'm still glowing from my success!!)
7 pushups
20 ball situps
10 hspu progressions (feet on bench)
10 KTE's
5, 10 sec. ring stabilization

+ after completing the WOD, do 10 reverse tuck pull-ups to practice for L-pull-ups.

"Joshie" (puppies):
(Video of 1 arm DB Snatches)
10 lb. Dumbbell snatch, 15 reps, Right arm (I'll be subbing a KB for this)
15 jumping/reverse pull-ups
10 lb. DB snatch, 15 reps, Left arm (KB)
15 jumping/reverse pull-ups

Time: 6:35 - INCOMPLETE
--Round 1: 6:35
--Round 2: NA
--Round 3: NA

Well, I completely pussed out on this WOD. I only completed one round, and had to scale the pull-ups even further than I thought. Instead of 15, I did 10 jumping pull-ups. My arms are still very sore from the WOD on Thursday. The 7 push-ups were a struggle. I'm not sure if this is more to do with my activities last night or just general soreness. I just really wasn't feeling this. I'll go hard tomorrow to get my head back in the game:).