Dips, PU, HSPU & Run - Day 29

Today's WOD looks like a killer, but tomorrow is a rest day and day 30 of my 90 day challenge. I'm going to give this my all.

5 min. jump rope (attempt double-unders)
5 jumping pull-ups
20 ball sit-ups
10 KTE's
10, 15# KB swings
5, 5 sec. ring stabilization
10 air squats

WOD (Scaled to "Puppies"):
For time -
25 bench dips (feet on exercise ball)
Run 400 meters (approx. 0.25 mile) @ 6.5 mph on treadmill
25 push-ups (will go for full ROM pushups for most of these)
Run 400M @ 6.0 mph
25 HSPU progressions (I'm going to try for feet on exercise ball instead of knees)
Run 400M @ 5.5 mph

Time: 15:08

Well, I ended up not being able to do the movements like I planned. For the bench dips, I planned to have my feet on an exercise ball, but was only able to do 10 dips this way and boy did I feel the burn! :) The remaining 15 bench dips were done with my feet on the ground. For the push-ups, I did 10 regular push-ups and the remaining 15 on my knees. For the HSPU progressions, I did 10 with my feet on the bench and the remaining 15 with my knees on the exercise ball (like I do in all my warm-ups). I'm going to do the hspu progressions in my warm-up with my feet on the bench from now on.

GREAT NEWS! I did my first double-under in my warm-up today!!! I was so excited. I was able to do 3 others after that. I was in a really bitchy mood all day today, but this really made me feel good! That and my KTE's are actual KTE's now!

Lots of progress for my first 30 days. I can't wait to see how much stronger I'll be in the next 30.