Row, Burpees, Run - Day 25

Yesterday was Valentine's Day... it was so great and Adam made an awesome dinner. I looked up today's WOD last night and was really bummed to see BURPEES for today. God, I hate burpees. But I will do them and I will eventually grow to tolerate them:)... hopefully.

I had alot of trouble sleeping last night... wasn't sure if it was from the wine, being sore from the SDHP (wrists especially), or possibly just the fear of the burpees. Anyways, it sucked.

5 min. jump rope (work on double-unders)
5 pushups
5 jumping/negative pullups
20 ball situps
10 hspu progressions
10 KTE's (chest level)
5, 5 second stabilization on rings

WOD (scaled to puppies):
Three rounds for time of:
25 SDHP, 15# (sub for 250m rowing - no row machine)
10 burpees
Run 200 meters (approx. 0.12 miles)

Time: 12:43:77
--Round 1: 3:48 (@ 5.0 mph on treadmill)
--Round 2: 4:19 (@ 5.5)
--Round 3: 4:36 (@ 6.0)