Filthy Fifty (or 35)

This is a beast of a workout, but I always feel super tough after I complete it:). I'm scaling to something of a mix between pack & puppies b/c I don't have the necessary equipment for a true Pack workout on this one (KB & wall ball).

Last time I did this was here.

5 min. jog
5 min. punching bag XX skipped this
10 push-ups
20 ball sit-ups
10 KTC's

23 Burpees

Filthy 50 (Pack/Puppies):
For time -
35 box jumps (16")
35 jumping pull-ups (on chair)
35 KB swings (20#)
35 walking lunges
35 ab mat sit-ups
35 push press (45#)
35 back extensions XX did 20 instead, back was hurting
35 wall ball shots (4-5#)
35 burpees
35 single jump ropes XX did 70 instead

Time: 26:32

Ugh... back soreness (w/some pain) today, guess I didn't do those deadlifts properly!! :(

Finished the box jumps in 2 minutes, the jumping pull-ups in 1.5 minutes. Got through KB swings & walking lunges (surprisingly hard after the jumping pull-ups & bj') at 10:30 on the stop watch. Sit-ups & push presses completed at 15:42. Push presses were done in reps of 5 except for the first 10. Wall balls complete at 19:40 and burpees at 25:45. The burpees seriously smoked me. The 23 beforehand probably attributed to this.

I LOVE this workout... hate it while I'm doing it (& said a few choice curse words as I was doing the burpees:)!), but I love it when I'm done.