SDHP & Dips

Might do this workout today. I haven't quite decided whether I should take a week off and just rest, then come back and hit everything hard again or whether I should just keep going with the WOD's. I feel alright except for limited flexibility & tightness in my knee. I need to look up some stretching for this, I guess.

Basically, I'm just afraid that if I take a week off, I'll slack off completely and stop working out regularly.

5 min. jog
5 min. punching bag
10 jumping pull-ups
10 push-ups
20 ball sit-ups
10 KTC's
10, 20# KB/DB Swings

27 burpees

WOD (Pack):
Five rounds for time of:
45# Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 21 reps
21 Dips (bench dips)

Time: 14:46:48
--Round 1: 2:21 (SDHP - 14/7)
--Round 2: 2:51 (SDHP - 7/8/6)
--Round 3: 3:08 (SDHP - 7/7/7)
--Round 4: 3:07 (SDHP - 7/7/7)
--Round 5: 3:19 (SDHP - 7/7/7)

Really tired on this one. Some of my SDHP's were gross, and I'll probably be feeling it in my back tonight/tomorrow. I guess I'm still feeling the effects of my horrible eating/drinking weekend. Plus, the unusually hot weather is probably taking a bit of a toll. No spring this year, I guess:). Let's see... what other excuses could I possibly come up with? :)

I've been trying to make a plan for when I'll visit my local affiliate (CrossFit NRV). The problem is that I want to make sure I get a full month's worth there to really test how it affects my performance, but I'll be out over a week in May and don't want to waste that time (& money). So, I've decided to continue to work out at home until May 20th or so (when I'll be back from vacation & my yearly conference for work will be complete). So I have less than 30 days to work up my nerve:).