"Nancy" - Day 72

I'm going to attempt the "Pack" level today. Whoo hoo, moving up in the world! ;)

I've noticed that Brandx has started posting "Buy-Ins" and "Cash-Outs"... I probably am not going to start these yet, the WOD is enough for me. It seems like I'm seeing these terms everywhere all of a sudden. Must be the new thing with CrossFit...?

5 min. jump rope
5 min. punching bag
10 push-ups
10 jumping pull-ups
20 ball sit-ups
10 KTC's
3 burpees

“Nancy” (Pack):
Five rounds for time of-
400m run (~0.25mile)
45# Overhead squat, 15 reps XX 10 REPS

Time: ~20:00 - I must have hit the stop button when I checked the timer after round 4. I'm really bummed about this!
--Round 1: 3:42
--Round 2: 3:57
--Round 3: 4:02
--Round 4: 4:03
--Round 5: ~4:16

I was really not feeling this when I started out. The warm-up was hard, and I was not motivated; the first two rounds of the WOD were the same. But while running on the third round, I started thinking about that video of the girls at the qualifiers and decided to quit being a negative nancy (pun intended) and to just get in the game. Second two rounds were miraculously easier with my head in the right place!

I decided to scale this back to 10 OHS reps because my form isn't so great and my arms were SERIOUSLY TIRED!:)


Rebecca said...
April 5, 2009 at 2:04 AM

Here's a bit of an answer re: the buy-in / cash-out question:


Melissa's blog is awesome - I suggest checking it out on a regular basis if you don't already :-)