Rest Day - Day 90

Well, it's finally here, my 90 day challenge is complete! :) Looking back, it really didn't start getting hard until this weekend... but that was probably b/c I didn't feel well. Now, on to the next adventure:)!

I'll still be continuing with the burpees. I used to hate burpees even more than I hate running... with this 100 Day burpee challenge they are starting to grow on me, though. Who would have thought? :)

I'm going to rest for the rest of this week if I can. My boredom may not allow this, but I think my body could use the rest.

Spring game (VT Football) this Saturday!! Should be fun, lots of drinking/tailgating and quality time with friends.

21 burpees

(I do burpees on rest days in my bedroom b/c I usually forget about them until shortly before bed... anyways, they are MUCH easier this way b/c I'm usually in socks on the carpet and my feet just slide on back to the push-up position. LOVE doing them on rest days, now:)!)