Inverted Burpees - Day 87

What?! Seriously, this should be interesting to attempt. I hope I don't dislodge something. Feeling really crappy today, sore throat, no sleep the past two nights. BUT I did get my 17 burpees in yesterday, whoopee! :) And my diligence is repaid by having a WOD with burpees (inverted, though) today. Oh well:).

Knee is still achy, might need to ice it after hiking and this WOD.

5 min. jump rope
5 min. punching bag
10 jumping pull-ups
10 push-ups
20 ball sit-ups
10 KTC's

18 Burpees

WOD (puppies):
For time -
25 inverted burpees

Time: 6:40

Handstands were atrocious... just couldn't keep vertical at all.

Hike was a total mess, we got lost and missed the turn and ended up not getting to the top because we were exhausted by the time we found our way back to the main road... total hike of 8 miles. I felt REALLY out of shape on the way back down... it could have been my sense of failure at not reaching the top, though. Absolutely beautiful day! Pictures to follow sometime soon (hopefully tonight).

Icing the knee now:).