5K or CFJax.com (7.30.09)

(Image from wikipedia.org)

Well, the official WOD as posted on CF.com is 10K. But no way am I attempting that... maybe one day, but that day is NOT today:).

I'll either do a 5K this afternoon (if the weather isn't miserable) or I'll do the following WOD from CFJax.com.

Either way, I'm doing a 5K this week. So if I wimp out today, it's on for tomorrow. I hate to run, HATE IT, but I've got to start incorporating it in more, b/c I know I'm neglecting that aspect of my overall fitness.

2 x 400m sprints
20 Ring Rows
10 Ring Dips
10 KTC's
10, 20# KB Swings
10 strict push-ups (work on perfect form)

CFJax.com 7.30.09 -
Ring Rows:
5 x 5

Three rounds for time of:
20 Box Jumps, 16"
15 Ring Dips
10 HSPU progressions (toes on bench)

--Round 1:
--Round 2:
--Round 3:


250 single unders
20 Ring Rows
10 Ring dips
10 HSPU progressions (toes on bench)

WOD (Puppies):

Time: 31:50 (@ 3.0 miles)

This was a disaster:(... I did the 5K to get it over with and I did it inside on a treadmill (which for me is MUCH harder). I ended up having to walk a good portion of this and I REALLY wanted to beat my previous time. I'm so bummed about this!!!