Filthy 50 - CFJax 7.13.09

Time to beat on this is 26:32 (from 4.23.09).

2 x 400m sprints (1 @ 8mph, 1 @ 7.5mph)
20 Ring Rows
10 HSPU progessions (toes on bench)

Filthy Fifty (35):
For time -
35 box jumps (16")
35 jumping pull-ups (on chair)
35 KB swings (20#)
35 walking lunges
35 ab mat sit-ups
35 push press (45#)
35 back extensions
35 wall ball shots (4-5#)
35 burpees
70 single jump ropes

Time: 19:47

Well, I certainly blew my previous time on this out of the water:)! I couldn't believe the time when I stopped the clock b/c I thought for sure I was doing burpees for what felt like at least 10 minutes.

I wasn't really feelin' it when I was warming up (hence the slow 400's), but once I got going, I had alot of aggression in me! Must be all the stress from work seeping into my workout. Whatever it was, I'm happy:).