Switching up the days a little here since my weekly dinner with Mom has been moved to Tuesday. I don't like to even think about doing a metcon on a full stomach, so I try to do lifting on Wednesday's (the night we typically have dinner). So lifting day is today and I'll be working THRUSTERS! My current goal focus is the 10, 65# thrusters. If I can do this tonight, I'm going to switch my focus to getting one handstand push-up.

Through all this, I'm continuing with my ring rows each day (except rest days) to get closer to that first dead hang pull-up. I want that goal more than anything, but I know it's probably going to be my hardest:).

5 min. jump rope
20 Ring Rows
10 HSPU (toes on bench)



Nope, not doing this tonight. Serious stomach distress all day today. Must be my body trying to adjust to the meat. And I thought I was home free! :)

I'll do this tomorrow plus some kind of metcon.