Sit-ups & BE's

2 x 400m sprints (1@ 8mph, 1@ 9mph on treadmill)
20 Ring Rows
10 Push-ups Chest too sore from "Nate"
5 Ring dips (limited ROM w/ 2 bands)
10 HSPU progressions (toes on bench)

Five rounds for time of:
30 sit-ups
25 Back extensions

Time: 7:36
--Round 1: 1:20
--Round 2: 1:26
--Round 3: 1:38
--Round 4: 1:32
--Round 5: 1:40

For time:
From the ground to overhead anyhow.
3000lbs (I'll do 55#s for 55 reps, Clean & Jerk)

Time: 13:27

My back & stomach were BURNING around the fourth set. I love this workout, though. Simple and brutal.

The overhead lifting was considerably harder. I started out with a goal of 5 sets of 10, then 1 set of 5. HA! Not even close. I got the first set of 10, after that, it was sets of 4 or 5.

I got interrupted by the hubs at rep #37 b/c it was of immediate urgency that he ask me whether he could spray weed killer. I had to stop the clock and discuss this extremely important issue with him and then get fussed at about my attitude on being interrupted! UGH! He thinks it's stupid that I care about what time I get.... okay, rant over:).