Front Squats & Sit-ups

Well, I've been doing ring rows for over 3 weeks now. I'm going to test out the pull-up strength tonight by trying to do a dead-hang and see how close I am. I can do one if I push a little off the ground with my feet, it's just that initial pull that I haven't quite got the strength for yet. So I'll try a few in the warm-up tonight.

5 min. jog
20 Ring Rows
10 ball sit-ups
Attempt dead-hang pull-ups

21-15-9-3 rep rounds of:
45# Front squat

Time: 4:14:50
--21 reps: 1:27
--15 reps: 1:24
-- 9 reps: 0:56
-- 3 reps: 0:27

I probably should not have done this workout right after "The Chief" b/c my legs are smoked! The front squats got increasingly more difficult, but the weight I chose was definitely manageable.

The dead hang pull-up attempts were a bit of a bust, BUT I can see increased strength in the initial pull... I'm just not there yet. I'm definitely stronger once I get to the point where my arms are slightly bent. FRUSTRATING... but progress is progress. :)

Carnivorous update-- planned to have meat in the house tonight, but after seeing the price list of the farm I liked the best... it wasn't happening. Did some more research and found some more affordable grass-fed (& humanely treated animals) closer to home. Hopefully, tomorrow or at least the weekend. :)

The top choices now are:
Weather Top Farm

Ellett Valley Beef Co.