Well, I guess I needed more time off than just one day... so I took FOUR days. I know... and it has been lazy central around here, except I did get alot of cleaning done and two cars washed, so it wasn't a total waste:).

I'm really happy to get back at it today. I always feel like my day is completely worthless if I don't work out.

2.5 min. jump rope (300 single unders)
20 Ring Rows
10 HSPU progressions (toes on bench)

"Nate" (Puppies):
Complete AMRAP in 12 min. of:
2 squat muscle-ups (tutorial here)
4 push-ups
8, 15# KB swings

Total Rounds: 14


Loads: 45-55-65-75-65-65-65

My goal going into "Nate" was 9 rounds, so I'm thrilled with the 14! The push-ups started getting tough around round 6. I definitely need to work on push-ups more. I saw my push-up strength improve during the burpee challenge, but I've slacked off since then.

The thrusters were tiring after the workout, but I'm thrilled with the 75#s!