It's like Bizarro CrossFit...

"I've talked to so many people who have come back and feel like they are going to die," Mulholland said. "And, yet, every one of them feels like they are going to die with a smile on their face.

I was watching this on TV with Adam yesterday and we were both dumbstruck. It was pretty hilarious watching the guys and gals try to run the second leg with a gut full of Krispy Kreme donuts. One guy was shown asking his running partner "How much longer" and she replied "I think about a mile"... his response was something between a whimper and a grunt. Poor guy. How do you eat a dozen donuts in one sitting? That alone seems daunting enough.

The last shot of the clip was of numerous contestants hugging a trash can. Somewhat reminiscent of a CrossFit video.

All this silliness was for a good cause, though, the contestants raised $35K for a local children's hospital.