Rest Day - Day 58

Rest day today... my legs are very thankful. I'm still having trouble walking down steps, sitting... I feel like my quads are locked up or something. But the run yesterday definitely helped.

I didn't do that pilates video last rest day, so I might try to do that tonight. That or a yoga video.

Finished "Lone Survivor" last night. I was in tears throughout most of that book, but it was a wonderful read. I learned alot and feel more proud of our troops than I already did.


Rich Vos said...
March 23, 2009 at 10:08 PM

I read "Lone Survivor" about 6 months ago. Like you, I was in tears for half the book! What an incredible story. I haven't done "Murph" since then, but those brave gentlemen will be in my thoughts through every minute of that WOD.