Water Intake

I drink a ridiculous amount of water every day. Ever since i discovered Crystal Light, I am an addict. I swear they put crack in those little packets.

I sometimes wonder whether I could be drinking TOO much water every day, so I decided to do some research (aka a google search). Recommended water intake is 8-12 (8oz.) glasses of water a day (which everyone knows b/c it has been drilled into our brains by the USDA). I average ~14 each day, so slightly above that. The past few days when I work out in the afternoons I feel like I'm still carrying about 8 glasses in my stomach (especially when jumping rope).

I can't see myself being able to cut back though. It's such a habit now.

Completely pointless post, just bored waiting on work stuff to finish. :)

Oh, and the hubs comes home tonight!! I'm so excited! :)